All About Louvred Roofs

Perfect for residential or commercial use

Louvred roofs look absolutely stunning in any setting. Whether you require one for a residential or commercial property, this louvre system is ideal to control temperature and weather exposure.

Louvre roofing systems

Perfect for an alfresco kitchen or outdoor entertainment area, a opening louvre roof gives you full control of sun exposure, shade or the rain. Whether you want to enjoy a coffee in the morning sun or dinner under the stars, this roofing system is ideal. The panels in the roof are controlled by a motorised system that allows you to rotate them according to how much exposure you want.

Our louvre roofs are available in various colours to suit the look and style of your home or business. Making it a flexible and attractive option for restaurants, homes, bars or hotels. There is something luxurious about a louvre roof, and one of its best features is the weather sensor. It’s motorised system allows the panels to close completely when rain is detected, protecting your outdoor furniture.

Louvres are not just available for roof fittings but also for windows or sliding doors and even large-scale commercial buildings. Another benefit of louvres is that you can effectively control temperature simply by adjusting the panels.


Generally, maintenance on louvre systems is low due to the durable material used to manufacture it. It’s made to withstand all types of weather conditions and is protected by our quality assurance. All it takes to clean is a simple hose off, or wipe off to clean excess dirt.

Commercial Louvres

Commercial louvres are basically huge vertical shutters that cover a wall of a building. Office blocks, car parks, warehouses, shopping malls and sometimes even stadiums have louvres installed to shield inside from excessive sun.

Aesthetically, louvres change the whole look of a building. It adds instant elegance, and make the structure look more contemporary. The best thing about vertical louvres is that you don’t have to compromise on natural lighting. Offices especially, favour natural lighting as it has been proven to boost productivity in the workplace. This, in turn, saves on the building power consumption.