Where are your systems fabricated ?

Sunlite is Australian owned and operated, all materials are sourced within Australia, all fabrication is carried out on east or west coast of Australia project location dependent. Some commercial projects may be imported based on the size and scope of project, all residential are Australian made. Sunlite CAD draws all systems for client approval and then fabricates to suit.


Does your system rust over time ?

Sunlite uses aluminium for all fabrication, we also utilise stainless steel fixings and marine grade nylons for operation / rotation. We do not use mild steel or Colorbond on any of our products or within our factory area. We recommend powdercoat or anodise finish to all aluminium.

Do you have a warranty ?

Yes all of Sunlite supply and install products have a warranty. Standard warranty is  2 years on install and 5 years on the product, access needs to be provided. Electrical and powdercoat systems have a separate warranty by the manufacturer.

Are your louvre systems waterproof ?

No, Sunlite commercial and residential louvre systems offer water resistance dependent on the blade specification (Airflow & Elliptical). Louvred roof system (Weathershade) is rated high water resistant not water proof, the water resistance of the system is high but depends on volume of rain and wind direction – we recommend outdoor furniture under louvred roof system.

What are the maintenance requirements ?

Powdercoated or anodised aluminium is easy to clean by using a soft broom or brush with hot soapy water and working brush along blades and frame. Do not use solvents, bleach or alcohol based cleaning products they will damage the surface finish. Cleaning and operating of your louvres every 3 – 6 months is recommended especially in coastal or city conditions.


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