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Sunny weather means it’s time to bring out the barbecue and gather your friends and family for great afternoons in the warm outdoors. However, constant exposure to the sun can quickly move people indoors. Sunlite Australia has an effective solution to keep you cool even in the sunny outdoors. A louvre roof provides protection against the sun’s heat as well as the dangerous UV rays. It protects people and materials while allowing maximum sunlight into the adjacent areas. Contact us today for more information. 

Year round protection

With our high-quality patio louvre roof, you can open the roof for ventilation and shade on hot summer days, or close the roof for protection against bad weather. No matter what the conditions, our Weathershades protect people, furnishings and belongings.

The all-aluminium construction means a longer product life with minimal maintenance required, and the energy efficient system also means you pay less on your electricity bill. More comfort for less money.  

Our outside louvre roof system is designed to maximise the benefits of solar gain, while minimising the harmful effects of the sun. With our weathersahe, your outdoor area can be easily transformed into a functional and usable space, no matter what the weather. Visit our showroom to view our selection.


When it comes to eco-friendly and energy-efficient architecture, shading is one of the key elements to consider. We sell a 240mm Weathershade, which is an outdoor louvre roof system designed to provide maximum comfort, and protection against the elements.

Transform your outdoor areas into functional and usable spaces. Enquire now for an obligation-free consultation and one of our sales staff will come round to chat with you.

Enjoy all types of weather from your patio

The best thing about installing a louvre roof over your patio is that it makes your patio usable in all kinds of weather. If the sun is shining, close it and enjoy some shade but still be outdoors. If it’s raining, close the external blind and enjoy the winter weather while being safely protected from the elements. If it’s a high temperate day, open the blinds and enjoy the fresh breeze flowing through your home.


Our Weathershade is a water-resistant louvre system with electrically operable louvre blades. The system is made from industrial-strength aluminium, and a water catchment system, which operates via an underside extruded aluminium gutter system. This includes aluminium down pipes and electrically operable louvre blades. We make high-quality products, which are built to last as much as they are built to look good.

Enjoy your indoor/outdoor space throughout the year with Sunlite Australia. With an external louvre roof, your spaces are more functional; meaning you can entertain, come rain or shine.

Take advantage of your home space by transforming your patio into a more comfortable space. Enquire now and we’ll send over a staff member for a no-obligation consultation.