Sunlite Australia produces a wide range of fixed blade natural ventilation louvres. Louvres are constructed from extruded aluminium sections to suit a variety of environments and all louvres are of a modular construction ensuring quality fit and can be adapted to suit most wall constructions.

Each of the louvre products vary in air flow performance and weather keeping properties. We offer obligation free consultanttions with our sales staff to ensure louvres are specified to suit the your requirements or those of the building consultants.

General applications include louvre penthouses, building air intake areas, car park ventilation, plant rooms, cooling tower screens and natural wall ventilation.

The basic considerations for selecting louvers are Free Area, Water Penetration, and Resistance to Airflow (Pressure Loss). Once these concepts are understood, they can be used to determine what airflow product meets your clients requirements.

Many of the fixed ventilation louvres can also be used for screening purposes.

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