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Sunlite Louvre 180 system is used extensively throughout Australia on low rise and high rise residential apartments and commercial / residential projects.

Sunlite Louvre 180 system has an aluminium frame and blade design based on commercial window system frame size that can be used for screening, sliding and operable roof panels. Sunlite frame is 100mm x 50mm full perimetre frame utilising internal screw flute technology.

Sunlite 180mm elliptical louvre blades operate 160 degrees via nylon 6-6 injection molded endcaps and bushes, with operation via external operating bar. This system is also avaliabe as electrically operable with 160 degree rotation with external operating bar, electrical operation via Somfy tubular motor with Sunlite exclusive motor in-blade louvre section. We have designed this system with Australian requirements in mind – utilising premium aluminium materials, superior fabrication techniques, high performance finishes, 304 stainless fixings and costal marine grade harware.

Sunlite Louvre 180 systems feature at Distillery Hill apartments Pyrmont NSW, Islands Apartments South Beach Fremantle Perth WA and many other commercial and residential developments througout Australia .

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