Tips to clean your awning properly

Awnings provide shade and look beautiful in any setting – commercial or residential. At Sunlite, we manufacture and install various types of awnings made with aluminium materials with powdercoat or anodise finish. All of our awnings serve the purpose of blocking the sun by providing adequate shade over a certain area. But, the only thing worse than having to deal with Perth’s heat, is having to look at a dirty awning.

As experts in the industry, we know just how to maintain awnings, and that extends to cleaning as well. There are a few things you can do to ensure your awnings look neat and clean while you’re enjoying the shade.

These tips work for all types of aluminium awnings. Start by brushing off loose dirt using a soft bristled broom or brush. You should brush off dirt regularly.

Once the dirt is off, you can hose down your awning. This will rid your covering of any dust and smaller particles that a brush-off can’t achieve.

Get an empty bottle to create a cleaning solution. You can mix water with a mild soapy detergent.

Spray your cleaning solution generously on the awning, and let it settle for a few minutes. Take a brush with soft bristles and start scrubbing the awning gently. Once you’ve brushed the whole cover, you can rinse.

Once you’ve rinsed your awning, you can leave it to dry naturally.