Types of awnings


Your guide to different awnings

Whether you operate a business in the commercial industry, or you’re a homeowner, you can take advantage of a range of different awning types. At Sunlite, we always provide you with the best awning solution to suit your needs. We take the time to understand your requirements, and suggest an awning that works specifically for you.

If you’re not exactly certain about what type of awning you need, simply chat to us, the experts. Here’s a basic guide to different types of awnings available to give you a better idea of what’s available.

Stationary or Fixed Awning

A fixed awning, as the name suggests, consists of a frame that permanently attached to a wall. Ideally, this type of awning would be installed when you are certain of a particular space that you wish to cover such as a window. These types of awnings can only be removed or moved by a professional.

Advantages of a fixed awning

  • Designed and built to be strong and long-lasting
  • Provides protection from sun/rain.


  • Orientation and shape can’t be changed
  • To cover a larger area, it requires a larger support structure 


You can install an awning that has a motorised control mechanism, allowing you to adjust the blade orientation at a touch of a button.

Weather sensors

One of the more advanced features are weather sensors. This mean that if your area experiences strong wind or extreme heat, the sensors will automatically detect it and will retract/adjust your awning.

Now that you have a better idea of type of awnings are available, get in touch with the team at Sunlite to discuss the best solution for you.