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  • Louvres

    Endless Options

  • Perforated Sheeting

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    Control of air movement and environment


    Clean Lines, Beautiful Aesthetics


    Control your Environment

  • Custom Design

    Left of centre, Bespoke, Sunlite can do

Control Your Environment

Delivering what others Simply can't!

In over twenty-five years of operation Sunlite Australia has become the leader in the field of natural lighting. With its team of designers and engineers SUNLITE has been involved in Australia's most exciting architectural projects, leading the nation in quality, design and performance.

Sunlite Australia is an innovative and progressive company that has always responded to architectural advances, and makes use of the most modern and highly durable products. Our services in manufacturing cover a wide range of applications in the field of natural lighting, energy conservation and security from aluminum louvres, shutters and sunshades to space frames and high performance structural glazing applied in prestigious civil, commercial and residential complexes.

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